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Long Beach Hotel, Cox’s Bazar

Long Beach Hotel, Surrounding the spectacular views of Cox’s Bazar. It is stands very close to the Cox’s Bazar sea-beach, We are offering you a world class facilities and huge experience to its guests. You can enjoy an indoor pool, a fitness centre and a...

Prime Park Hotel Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Hotel Prime Park, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Prime Park hotel has an easy and advantageous access to all the tourist and attractive place for Cox’s Bazar.The hotel is nearby 500 meters distance from the Bay of Bengal.

Seagull Hotel in cox’s Bazar Chittagong Bangladesh

Seagull Hotel Cox's Bazar, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
The charming view of the ocean, the beautiful hills and the natural beauty of the tamarisk trees are all wonderfully multipliered by luxury and Bangladeshi hospitality facilities.

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